Put on a trenchcoat, and fight some conspiracies

(Not sure what I’m referencing with that title? Watch this.)

Deus Ex is one of my favourite games of all time. As a teenager I was asked to review the PS2 version of game by my local newspaper, the Driffield Times. I wasn’t allowed to be credited as I was under 18 and shouldn’t really have been playing it. They did let me keep the game, though.

I was hooked. I pretty much wore that disc out. Then I got the (superior) PC version. I can’t think of a single game that I’ve replayed more often.

Anyhow, serving as a reminder of time’s relentless trudge, Deus Ex turns fifteen this year. I got the chance to interview Sheldon Pacotti, the game’s lead writer, about some of the ways Deus Ex‘s vision of the future has been scarily prophetic. It pretty much predicted the NSA.

The interview is over at VICE Magazine. I can’t thank Sheldon enough for agreeing to take part. Originally, I just wanted to pepper the piece with a few quotes, but his answers were so thoughtful that I decided to cut most of my shitty words.

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