Sold my iPod on eBay

As I’m going to be moving countries soon, I decided to have a clear out and put some stuff on eBay. Got a tad sentimental when writing the item description for my iPod:

It is with a heavy heart that I’m selling my trusty iPod classic.

I’ve had it since 2007. Should you require proof, the box has a picture of Nelly Furtado during her ‘Maneater’ era.  

It’s hosted a lot of music over the years: Emo, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, ironic Live Lounge acoustic covers, 80’s cheese, that one Jeff Buckley song, The Terminator 2 Soundtrack, barely listenable mashups… and Nickelback.  It never once complained.

The iPod comes bundled with a USB cable, but no headphones. Honestly, your ears deserve better. If you never used the original iPod headphones, here’s what you can do to simulate the experience: find the largest marble you can, grease it up nice and good, and insert it into your ear canal. The sound quality and discomfort levels will be about the same, and it’ll fall out of your ear on a regular basis. Afterward, treat yourself to some proper headphones– you deserve it following that ordeal.

It’s taken a few dents and scratches over the years (see photos), but is still in perfect working order. I tested this recently by looping Twisted Sister’s ‘I Wanna Rock’ for six hours. I can confirm that it still wants to rock.

Farewell, old buddy.