Politics Unboringed

Over the past few months, I’ve been helping to write a series called Politics Unboringed.

I often hear people complain that politics is dull or irrelevant. They have a point. Last week I was working on a piece that required me to read each of the major parties’ manifestos. I would rather bounce barefoot on a sandpaper trampoline than be subjected to that again.

But put the empty rhetoric and the party political jostling aside, and you can find the interesting stuff. For example:

  • The Queen has to sign off on every law that passes through Parliament. She’s allowed to veto ones she doesn’t like. She doesn’t, because there would probably be an instant revolution.
  • There is an alternative to not voting. If you don’t like any of the political parties, you’re entitled to spoil your ballot paper in protest. Not that any of them will tell you that.
  • There are media consultants who actually train political candidates to avoid properly answering questions. They’re quite shameless about it, too.

Here’s the one where we try to explain our messed up voting system:

So far we’ve made five of these, each around the five minute mark. I hope you enjoy them and consider sharing them until they go virus.

(Made in conjunction with Jay Foreman, Jon Gracey, and Paul Kendler)

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